The Greatest Fed...Anywhere! The rest just imitate.


Live from the Hyperion Craterdome, Saturn

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The broadcast begins with PERFECT SPECIMEN addressing the camera.

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  Shayne!  If you beat me tonight, you become the longest reigning GALAXIAN CHAMPION in the the modern era.  It’ll make you one of the greats.  But the thing is, you gotta get through tonight and you gotta get through me.  And that ain’t gonna happen.

The screen transitions to reveal EPOCH.

EPOCH:  DRURY!  After so may years, I finally get my hands on you after what you did to me!  Trust me, you’re not going to forget it.

The screen transitions to CATFIGHT and MAGGIE.

CATFIGHT:  Shann-Ra, your father shot my Maggie.  If I could, I’d tear him limb from limb and leave the scraps for Maggie.  But in lieu of his absence, I’m going to tear you apart!

The screen transitions to show CASTILEX, MOOG & SENTINEL standing staring at the camera.  They say nothing, just staring straight ahead.  Suddenly the screen is engulfed in flames and as it burns through it reveals BISHOP HELL (II) and BURNING MAN.


TOTALIS:  Undefeated.  Interplanetary Champion.  No need to say any more.

The screen transitions to KILL PREY.

KILL PREY:  Monolith, since I’ve come back you’re the prize I’ve wanted to snare you in my trap and tonight you’ll already be trapped in the Cosmic Cage!


CODE DESTROYER:  Overtime!  Tonight we get to beat on those street trash dogs, the PREDATORS!

OVERTIME:  Yo, check it, it’s gonna be off the hook and Wolf, I cannot wait to get my fists on you, you feel me?  Some people may think you’re a legend, but you haven’t been in the ring with me, the GALAXY’S FINEST™ legend!  PREDATORS, prepare to get neutered!

SECURITY SQUAD (II) laugh as the cameras cut to the arena where SLY DRURY makes his way ringside with FHANNA.  He climbs into the ring and yells for EPOCH to get out here.

SLY DRURY:  Come on out here lizard head!  Let me beat the sh*t out of you and send you packing back to the jungle.  I have too much to do tonight because, in case you or any of you nuggets in the crowd forgot…I run this fed!

The shower of boos quickly turn to cheers as EPOCH storms to the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

Sly Drury d. Epoch via DQ when the ref disqualifies Epoch for hitting Drury with a Pavo Powerbomb on the arena floor – **1/2 – Drury taken out on stretcher.  EPOCH looks more than pleased, despite the loss.

The arena explodes in cheers as LORD NEXUS leads TITAN FURY to the ring.  This is the first time we’ve seen the TITAN tag team since GIANT AZUMA was injured by MEAN STREETS.  Their opponents tonight, THE NATIVES OF CASTILEX.

TITAN FURY d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via submission when Kenji traps Krud in a KNEE BAR – * – Not a huge surprise outcome here.  TITAN FURY look to be in top form.

KENJI:  MEAN STREETS, we are back and we can promise you, we are coming for your hides!


The CROWD eats this up!

NITRO catches DEMON HUNTERS and GUARDIAN in the locker room area and asks them their feelings on facing VAMPIRE LEGENDS later tonight in what appears to be a seemingly unending feud.

HELSIN:  After all Coven Black took from me in the past, I have to ensure it never happens again.

CROSSFIRE:  We will not rest until those disgusting blood suckers are turned to dust in the sunlight!

Catfight d. Shann-Ra via pinfall after hitting FELINE FURY the second move of the match – SQUASH – CATFIGHT hit  a claw slash that knocked Shann-Ra to the mat and followed up with a powerful FELINE FURY to get the win!  CATFIGHT let our a victorious howl as her arm was raised.  MAGGIE lunged into the ring and SHANN-RA went scurrying from the ring!

DARK MENACE:  Good evening cucks!

The CROWD boos as DARK MENACE leads VAMPIRE LEGENDS to the ring.  COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS both carry wooden, tiki-like, torches.

DARK MENACE:  HelSin, Crossfire, I don’t quite know what this obsession of yours is with my men.  Why you persecute them so much, one might even think that you’re racist against people from Draco.  We can’t let this racist ideology stand.  A great philosopher once said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.”  Tonight, when my pedes here finish off DEMON HUNTERS we will be that change.  We will be that change, bigly!

DEMON HUNTERS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS when Crossfire hits Coven Black with BULLSEYE – **1/2 – DEMON HUNTERS with a quick an decisive win over VAMPIRE LEGENDS in this one.  COUNT NECROS, who never got tagged in, seems extremely frustrated and there seemed to be some tense words between him and COVEN BLACK after the match until DARK MENACE calmed them down.

Eydilon d. Euritar (II) via pinfall with MISTS OF EYDILON – ** – EYDILON picks up a win and after the bell picks up a mic.  He starts by saying that for far too long he’s been muddled in entanglements involving petty squabbles over where NOSFERA was.

EYDILON:  NO MORE!  After tonight, my sights are set on one thing.

With this ominous pronouncement, EYDILON skulks away from ringside.

CASTILEX d. BURNING HELL when Moog covers Burning Man after the CASTILEX CUTTER COMBO – ** – Dominating victory here for the, as of now, undefeated team from CASTILEX.  In their third match with BURNING HELL, they have proven that they are the stronger team.  The question now is, what’s next for these two men?

GLADIATORS d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Probation flattens Skiver with UNCHAINED – ***** – A wild back and forth match, but the GLADIATORS finally put MEAN STREETS away for good.  After the bell, FHANNA, slid into the ring and pushed PATCH aside to check on SKIVER.  She seemed very concerned.

As the ring crew begins setting up the COSMIC CAGE, we cut backstage to see NITRO speaking to the broadcast crew.

NITRO:…don’t know.  Someone just handed it to me.

He holds a large envelope in his hands and he begins opening it.

NITRO:  He said it was the same envelope that THE BETRAYER was carrying around a few years ago.  Remember that?  Saying he had some huge information that would shock the galaxy?

NITOR looks at the contents of the envelope and pulls out a piece of paper and begins reading it.  His eyes widen and he quickly digs through the other contents on the envelope.

NITRO:  This.  Is.  Huge.

We leave NITRO with his discovery and head back to the ring.

Kill Prey d. Monolith via escape after GO FOR THE KILL – ***** – WHAT.  A.  MATCH.  Both men were bloodied by the end!  MONOLITH dominated from the bell but a missed CATASTROPHE signaled the beginning of the end for the ANI-MAN!  KILL PREY shocks the galaxy!

FHANNA heads to the ring with SKIVER accompanying her.  The CROWD has no love for either of them.

Fhanna d. Elina via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMEN to become the NEW GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION – ***** – FHANNA gets the win with a huge assist from SKIVER who not only clobbered GUARDIAN at ringside, but slipped into the ring and delivered a piledriver to ELINA!

Witness d. Totals, The Tournament Master via pinfall with PROSECUTION to become the new GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION – ** – If not for some early offense by TOTALIS, this would have been a SQUASH!  WITNESS hits PROSECUTION, seemingly, out of nowhere and TOTALIS’ undefeated run, and title reign come to a crashing end!  The CROWD is on their feet as LORD NEXUS and WITNESS celebrate!

PREDATORS d. SECURITY SQUAD (II) via DQ when the ref catches Code Destroyer smashing Lope with the crowbar during EAT CROW.  SECURITY SQUAD (II) retain the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – *** – The big news here was the wild section that started the match where OVERTIME and WOLF went toe-to-toe.  No clear victor in that one and it left many fans wanting to see the two men fight solo!  In the end, it came down to underhanded tactics that decided the end of the match.  OVERTIME and CODE DESTROYER bailed immediately after the bell, leaving the fans wanting more.

Shayne d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall with SHOWDOWN to retain the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP – ** – PERFECT SPECIMEN’S quest for the title is over in mere minutes thanks to a dominating victory by SHAYNE!  SHAYNE has now held the title for 25 cards, smashing the previous record of 24 cards that was set by…SHAYNE!  Monolith is next closest with a reign of 23 cards.  Is SHAYNE the most dominant champion of the modern era (since 2119)?  Certainly seems that way.

SHAYNE holds the title above his head as the CROWD boos him loudly.  Suddenly, the lights change to an eerie green and a mist begins to flood the ring.  SHAYNE looks around ready for an attack but then he starts coughing.  Clutching his throat, he tries to exit the ring, but the mists overtake him.  The champ crumples to the floor.  Fans at ringside begin succumbing as well.  There’s a beat where noting happens and then EYDILON suddenly appears through the mists, standing tall over SHAYNE’S lifeless body. It’s this image the cameras focus on as we…



Live from the Rigel Nova Pavilion, Orion

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

We open backstage where FHANNA is warming up.  SKIVER approaches her from behind, definitely checking her out.  He wishes her good luck.

FHANNA:  Thanks!  Sly says if I get a victory tonight, I can wrestle Elina for the title at STORMFRONT.

SKIVER nods and steps closer to her, smiling.

SKIVER:  Well then, baby, why don’t I go to the ring with you and…make sure…you win.

FHANNA pauses for a moment and the smiles.  She nods.  They both head to the ring.

Fhanna d. Taichi via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMAN after interference from SKIVER – ****1/2 – FHANNA gets the win thanks to huge interference by SKIVER and some convenient missing of cheating but he referee.  LORD NEXUS was furious, as were the FANS, but the decision stands.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via pinfall when Clinch smashed Ygorr with the ULTIMATE COMBO – **1/2 – ULTIMATE FIGHTERS had a tough time putting the NATIVES away.  What KRUD and YGORR lack in wrestling ability they made up for in resilience in this match, kicking out of finisher after finisher.  CLINCH and SHOOT were eventually able to pick up the win but it was much more difficult for them than fans imagined.

Catfight d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with FELINE FURY – *** – MONOLITH and KILL PREY were at ringside and got involved in the match!  CATFIGHT gets the win and after the bell, all hell broke loose and MONOLITH and KILL PREY started brawling!  CATFIGHT and SHANN-RA began brawling as well!  The CROWD loved it!  Security flooded out to separate them all!  The FANS are totally into this feud and it is hot!

AETHRAN OVERMASTER came out and demanded a match with SLY DRURY!  DRURY came ringside but balked at coming into the ring.  OVERMASTER said he’d destroy the building if DRURY didn’t grant him the match.  DRURY reluctantly agreed and climbed into the ring.

Sly Drury and Aethran Overmaster brawl to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – *1/2 – This one was wild form the opening bell!  These two have no love for each other and it showed here!  The action spilled outside and the two men began smashing each other with chairs.  The ref called it and DRURY high-tailed it to the back!  OVERMASTER was furious and vowed revenge for DRURY’S betrayal.

Backstage we see that FHANNA is changed following her match and is in a better mood than we’ve seen recently.  SKIVER comes up to her and she squeals with delight.  She hugs him tightly.

FHANNA: Thank you so much for coming to ringside and helping me win.

SKIVER:  Sure baby.  Skiver’s got you.

FHANNA:  Please come ringside with me all the time now.

SKIVER:  No worries on that.  You’re Skiver’s girl now.

FHANNA blushes.

SKIVER:  In fact, you got the winner’s share of the money for your match tonight?

FHANNA makes a short entry on her wrist computer and nods affirmatively.

SKIVER:  Right, well, now that you’re my girl, half of that winnings goes to me.


SKIVER puts hands on either side of her face.

SKIVER:  Baby, you want to win, you gotta be Skiver’s girl.  And Skiver’s gotta get PAID.  In fact, half of what you make from here on out goes to me.

FHANNA:  I don’t think…

SKIVER:  Drury taking care of you?


SKIVER:  Skiver is taking care of you.  And you got pay for that privilege.

FHANNA looks up nervously but nods.

SKIVER:  There’s my girl.  Now let’s get ready for the main event.

FHANNA walks off, slowly, following SKIVER.

Back to the action.

Euritar (II) d. Eydilon via pinfall with HEROS LAW in a wild match – ***** – This one was out of control!  Match of the Year so far!  EYDILON actually had the upper hand most of the match!  He was close to winning several times but EURITAR (II) would kick out and twice GUARDIAN got involved to break up the pinfall!  EURITAR (II) made a stunning comeback and picked up the win.  EYDILON shouted that EURITAR (II) would pay!

SLY DRURY and SHAYNE came to ringside and the CROWD let them have it.  They took seats in the front row for what DRURY was calling a ‘Scouting Match.’  A match where both his and SHAYNE’S STORMFRONT opponents would face off against each other.

Epoch d. Perfect Specimen via DQ when Perfect Specimen throws EPOCH into the crowd and into the laps of Sly Drury and Shayne – ** – The FANS cheered loudly at the finish even though PERFECT SPECIMEN got the loss!  DRURY bailed the moment EPOCH was headed his way!  SHAYNE shoved EPOCH off of him and had a brief stare down with PERFECT SPECIMEN.

Main event time!  A rematch from Card #2133.237 that ended in wild DQ brawl!

GLADIATORS d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Patch clobbers Probation with a chair – * – A wild brawl ends the night!  These four men hate each other and this feud is far from over!  Security storms the ring as we…


2133.328 – INVASION

Live from the Mimas Spectrum, Saturn

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The show opens with DARK MENACE leading SINFUL to the ring.

DARK MENACE:  Listen up, cucks! I may not have become the President of the United Federation of Stars and Planets, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to listen to me.

The CROWD, naturally, let’s him have it.

DARK MENACE:  I know, I know you think I’m deplorable, but let me tell you something,  I have put my squad through an intense training program and you are going to see the results of that tonight when Sinful here wipes the floor with She Devil!  In 2133, my new motto is A.T.W..  Anything. To. Win!  And I do mean anything.

Sinful d. She Devil via pinfall with two Tombstone Piledrivers in a row – ***** – Seems DARK MENACE was speaking the truth.  We saw a more dominant SINFUL here tonight.  She easily dispatched of the more senior SHE DEVIL and picked up the win.  DARK MENACE was pleased.

Nosfera d. Faller via pinfall after a cross body block into a pin – *1/2 – A lopsided affair if there ever was one.  NOSFERA dominated and picked up a quick, surprisingly clean, victory over FALLER.

Backstage, FHANNA is fuming.  SKIVER passes her and asks what’s wrong.  FHANNA is furious that DRURY seems to busy for her and is seeming spending more time with SCORN now.  SKIVER puts hands on her shoulders.

SKIVER: Hey, hey now, girl.  Forget Scorn.  You’re 100 times better than she is.  I’m sure Sly has some sort of plan he’s cooking up.  He’d be a fool to put you on the back burner.  If you were my girl, you’d be treated like a queen.

FHANNA smiles as SKIVER says he’ll see her later.

DEMON HUNTERS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via DQ when the ref spots Necros using Phantom Dust on Crossfire – DUD – DARK MENACE directed his men (or pedes as he’s now started calling them) to flagrantly break the rules.  His men get the DQ loss, but Crossfire is blinded and screaming on the mat.  DARK MENACE looks pleased  He raises a first and shouts, “A.T.W.!”

The next match came about after it was revealed that BOUNTY HUNTER, KILL PREY’S father, was the one who shot MAGGIE the tiger last year.  MONOLITH has agreed to ‘destroy’ KILL PREY for CATFIGHT who is gunning for SHANN-RA.  All four came to ringside for this match.

Kill Prey d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith smashes Kill Prey with the announcer’s table, yes, the whole table – ***** – KILL PREY took MONOLITH to the limit here, getting the big man off his feet several times and several near falls.  The action tumbled outside and MONOLITH ended things when he ripped up the announcer’s table and smashed KILL PREY with it.  The ref called for the bell.  CATFIGHT and SHANN-RA brawled afterwards and had to be separated by security.

SLY DRURY announced that on the next card there would be a, what he is calling, Scouting Match pitting PERFECT SPECIMEN and EPOCH against each other so he and SHAYNE can ‘scout’ their opponents for STORMFRONT.

Shann-Ra d. Scorn via pinfall with PITFALL – **1/2 – SHANN-RA, still fired up about what happened to KILL PREY dominated SCORN much to the delight of FHANNA who was at ringside for SCORN.  After the match, SHANN-RA challenged CATFIGHT to a match on the next card.  There’s no doubt CATFIGHT will accept.

Witness d. Disciple of Terror via pinfall after a Justice Lariat – *1/2 – DISCIPLE OF TERROR put in some good offense but just couldn’t get any traction.  WITNESS wore him down to pick up the win.



PREDATORS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN when Wolf finishes off PSI with END OF THE HUNT and gets the pinfall – ***1/2 – LOPE started with PSI and the wild one tore into him.  WOLF and LOPE made quick tags as they ravaged PSI.  The whole time they taunted THARKAS who had to stand by and watch the ANI-MEN pick apart his partner.  WOLF picked PSI up after the bell and launched him at THARKAS, both opponents tumbling to the arena floor to the cheers of the CROWD.  PREDATORS stand tall as we…


2132.327 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Algol Double Star Arena, Perseus

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The show opens with an update on Panther Warrior. Sadly, there is no update. He is still in critical condition and his assailant has yet to be found. The security camera footage is some of the most scrutinized footage in the galaxy. THARKAS reposted a post on the InFiNet that stated joy at what had happened to PANTHER WARRIOR and WOLF immediately took offense! DRURY made a match for this card slotting PREDATORS against BETTER THAN HUMAN! Fans, you can bet it’ll be wild.

Catfight d. Nova via pinfall with a tornado DDT – * – CATFIGHT, obviously torn up about PANTHER WARRIOR, takes her frustrations out on NOVA and gets a quick win here. After the match, NITRO tries to get a word with CATFIGHT but she refuses to talk.

Earlier in the day it was announced that SLY DRURY had signed a match pitting EPOCH against EURITAR (II) with the winner getting a match against him at STORMFRONT.

Epcoh d. Euritar (II) via pinfall with RETURN OF THE BEAST – *** – A very different outcome than the first match these two had. The CROWD could tell that both men wanted that crack at DRURY. At the bell it was EPCOH who got the win and he grinned wildly as the ref raised his hand. EPOCH was practically drooling with anticipation to get his hands on DRURY at STORMFRONT. DRURY, in his luxury suite above the arena, looked less than thrilled.

GLADIATORS d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Fhanna gets caught trying to break up a pinfall attempt – **1/2 – DRURY sent MEAN STREETS after GLADIATORS as a clear message to AETHRAN OVERMASTER. It was clear MEAN STREETS were out to injure the GLADIATORS but PROBATION and FIST looked like they were under the same orders from the OVERMASTER! This one was wild and the four men brawled to the back after the bell!

Aethran Overmaster d. Monolith via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – **** – Another match put together by DRURY in the hopes that MONOLITH would distract AETHRAN OVERMASTER. No such luck as the Aethran gets a big win here.

PREDATORS and BETTER THAN HUMAN brawl to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – * – The end result was not really a surprise here. There was some decent back and forth at the beginning, but the action spilled outside the ring and the ref called it. Security had to come in to separate the four men.

The Perfect Specimen d. Eydilon via pin fall using PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – **1/2 – PERFECT SPECIMEN dominates EYDILON here! Trouncing him soundly and not letting him get any offense. The CROWD was pumped as PERFECT SPECIMEN will face SHAYNE in the MAIN EVENT of STORMFRONT!

Before the MAIN EVENT, DRURY announced a TITAN DEATH RULES rematch between PREDATORS and BETTER THAN HUMAN on the next card.

DRURY: If PREDATORS and BETTER THAN HUMAN wanna tear each other apart, it’s no skin off my back.

CASTILEX d. BURNING HELL when Moog covers Burning Man after CASTILEX CUTTER COMBO – ** – A rematch from the PERENNIAL gave us our first real good look at how CASTILEX works as a team and they were impressive. They seem to have mysterious goals here in the GALAXY’S FINEST™ but if they should focus their sights on the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS, the titles could be theirs for the taking.

MOOG and SENTINEL stand over the fallen body of BURNING MAN as we…




An image flickers to life.

We are watching security footage from the alley behind the Deimos Intergalactic Arena.  A timestamp reads: DECEMBER 31, 2032 – 21:34 putting this footage during the closing moments of BIG BANG 2132.

A door opens and the roar of the crowd can be heard.  PANTHER WARRIOR steps out of the doorway with his gear bag over his shoulder and the newly won INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP of his other.  Behind him in the doorway is CATFIGHT.

CATFIGHT:  You sure you don’t want to wait?  The event is almost over.

PANTHER WARRIOR:  No, I’ll see you all on the carrier.  (He looks at the title slung over his shoulder.)  I just want some time to soak this all in.  Meditate a bit.

CATFIGHT (smiling):  Okay.  Congratulations.  See you soon.

PANTHER WARRIOR smiles at her as he lets the door close.  He takes a few steps forward and, again, looks at the title on his shoulder.  A smile creeps over his face, exposing his sharp incisors.  He looks up and suddenly a figure in black appears beside him and levels a gun at his temple.  There is a flash and PANTHER WARRIOR crumples to the ground.  The figure looks around and, confident he hasn’t been seen, he bends down and slides the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP off of PANTHER WARRIOR’S lifeless body and strides away.  We watch PANTHER WARRIOR bleed out for a few seconds more before the feed cuts to black.

Live from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

SLY DRURY appears with the rest of MARTIAL LAW.  The CROWD responds in kind.  He begins with comments on the shooting of PANTHER WARRIOR and says that INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION is currently in a stasis chamber in critical condition.  While the assailant is still on the loose, the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP BELT arrived at GWF offices this morning in an unmarked package.  Tonight an eight man tournament to crown a new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION.  Drury announces that one of the men will be himself.  Of course.

He also states that GALAXIAN CHAMPION Shayne has demanded a rematch against NOSFERA after the events of BIG BANG 2132.  That match will happen tonight.  He also announces that even though IRON HAND/EURITAR (II) is no longer on the MARTIAL LAW team, OVERTIME has replaced him and SECURITY SQUAD (II) are still the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS and they will defend the titles tonight.

FHANNA grabs the mic and announces she will wrestler ELINA for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP tonight, but SLY DRURY immediately corrects her saying that it’ll be SCORN wrestling for the title tonight.  FHANNA is not happy, but DRURY informs her she will be wrestling the returning SHANN-RA.  FHANNA is still not happy.

SLY DRURY sends his team to the back and heads to the ring for the first match in the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT.  His opponent…FALLER!

Faller d. Sly Drury via pinfall after hitting TIMBER twice in a row – *1/2 – HUGE upset, fans! The crowd cheers wildly as SLY DRURY starts the year with a huge loss. DRURY is not happy and he kicks the referee out of the ring. FALLER advances!

Witness d. Kill Prey via pinfall after PROSECUTION – *1/2 – WITNESS puts a damper on KILL PREY’S return.  Still too early to see if he has lost a step. WITNESS looked to be in fine form and advances.

Euritar (II) d. Epoch via pinfall with HEADS WILL ROLL – *1/2 – SLY DRURY booked this match personally hoping these two would destroy each other. EURITAR (II) looked great to the delight of the fans. EPOCH seems to still be adjusting to normal life. EURITAR (II) advances.

Totalis, the Tournament Master d. Disciple of Terror via pinfall after Title Quest – ** – TOTALIS impresses in the final match of the opening round. DISCIPLE OF TERROR had hoped this would be a display of power of FTR over GWFZ but that was not to be the case. TOTALIS advances.

Shann-Ra d. Fhanna via pinfall with AMUSCADE – *1/2 – SHANN-RA looks fantastic here. FHANNA came to ringside alone, SLY DRURY said he was too busy.

CASTILEX d. BURNING HELL via DQ when Burning Man hits Moog with a flaming chair – * – this match was booked by SLY DRURY to hopefully curry favor with CASTILEX. The big men looked impressive but this was a wild brawl from the opening bell. This feud is far from over.

We move into the SEMI-FINAL ROUND of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT.  The first match pits two members of the TITANS team against each other.

Witness d. Faller via pinfall after hitting PROSECUTION three times in a row – *1/2 – A competitive match here.  FALLER fought hard but was soon overcome by the more experienced wrestler.  To FALLER’S credit, it took WITNESS hitting his finisher three times in a row to put the big man away.  Both men shook hands before and after the match.  WITNESS advances to the finals.

Totalis, the Tournament Master d. Euritar (II) via pinfall after hitting FINAL ROUND twice to end the match – *** – SLY DRURY was overjoyed with his charge soundly putting a beating on EURITAR (II).  TOTALIS advances to the finals without breaking a sweat and looks like the competitor to beat so far in this tournament.

Elina d. Scorn via pinfall after a missed turnbuckle charge – ***** – FHANNA accompanied SCORN to the ring but provided no encouragement at all.  ELINA picks up a solid victory over her former teammate.  After the match, SCORN and FHANNA got into a shoving match that was quickly broken up by security.  FHANNA stormed off.  Seems there is trouble in the ranks of the MARTIAL LAW women.

Totalis, the Tournament Master d. Witness via pinfall after hitting Bracket Buster to get the win – ***1/2 – SLY DRURY is overjoyed, watching from his luxury suite.  TOTALIS, THE TOURNAMENT MASTER is now the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. SECURITY SQUAD (II) via DQ when Code Enforcer cracks Shoot with his crowbar – **1/2 – The biggest takeaway from this match is that SECURITY SQUAD (II) is just as flagrant rule breakers as the original.  A brawl erupts after the bell, but SECURITY SQUAD (II) retain the titles.

Shayne d. Nosfera via pinfall with SHOWDOWN after SHAYNE’S FURY three moves into the match – SQUASH – Wow!  SHAYNE gets his revenge for the attack after BIG BANG 2133, easily dispatching of Nosfera!  SHAYNE begins the year with a declarative win.

Despite his loss at the beginning of the night, SLY DRURY is beaming that MARTIAL LAW now holds three of the four titles!  MARTIAL LAW really does RUN THIS FED!


2132.325 – BIG BANG

– CHAPTER 6 – 

He took a deep breath as the cruiser pulled up in front of the building and slowed to a stop.  He slowly exhaled, willing his body to relax.  Then, relaxed as he’s going to be, he pressed the keypad and the door of the cruiser lifted open.  Suddenly, night turns to day as the lights of fifty plus cameras come on.  He is momentarily deafened by the cheers of the fans and the shouts of reporters.  He puts on his best smile and waves as he steps out of the car.  Security is there, surrounding him as he begins to walk inside.

As they walk one over-zealous fan breaks the security line, stylus and tablet in hand pleading for an autograph.  The fan is shut down by security and thrown back over the railing into the mob.  The sound of their screams fading as he steps inside the lobby.

His assistant approaches him.

“You have one quick interview before we go in.” she says, brushing the wall of black hair from in front of her face.

“No interviews.”  he says, the annoyance in his voice plainly obvious.

“Just one.  Two questions.  Andromeda press.”

He looks at her and raises an eyebrow.  “Fine.”

She leads him to a small side room.  The moment he enters the reporter, an ANI-MAN, part ferret, stands.  “Thank you for your time.  I just have two question.”

He nods.

“Right.  Uh, first, are you excited about tonight?”

“I could not be more excited or proud of what I’m about to show the Galaxy tonight.  What they are about to see reflects over a year of hard work.  I have lived in this world, working on this project for so long, I am ready for the rest of the galaxy to see it.  And I’ll say this, while projects that have soared to the tops of the charts in recent months have been nothing more than copied rehashes of things from the forgotten past, what you’re about to see is brand new.  A breath of fresh air in this tired old Galaxy.”

The reporter, typed a few notes into his table and then looked up, “Are you sad you’re missing Big Bang tonight?”

He smiled, took off his sunglasses and looked at the reporter.  “I gave the GALAXY’S FINEST™ the best of my life.  I made good friends, I battled honorable, and not so honorable enemies.  I was hated.  I was loved.  I was hated again.  And though I’m here tonight, fulfilling my true dream, there’s a small part of me that’s on Deimos tonight.”

The reporter made a few notes.  “Thank you.  Thank you.”

He nodded, patted the reporter on the shoulder and turned to his assistant.  “Let’s do this.”

She led the way into the main room.  A hush fell over the hundreds seated inside as he entered and took his seat.  The moment he was seated the lights dimmed and the screen in the front of the room flickered to life.

VOICE ON SCREEN:  We are the good guys, and we’re carrying the fire.





The crowd bursts into applause and he smiles as the rest of the opening credits roll.


Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Tickets have been sold out since January as every fan in the Galaxy has wanted to be in attendance for the event that is the pinnacle of modern day wrestling…BIG BANG!

The fans let out deafening jeers as SINFUL heads to the ring with DARK MENACE!  NITRO catches DARK MENACE at ringside.

NITRO:  Dark Menace, you have been uncharacteristically quiet since your unsuccessful bid for president of the United Federation of Stars and Planets.

DARK MENACE:  It’s true.  I was unsuccessful, something I’m not quite used to being.  But I’m also big enough to admit when I’ve made a mistake.  You see, I think my goal was too big.  Instead of trying to affect change on a Galaxy-wide level, I now know I should affect change on a local level.  That’s why, starting tonight and carrying on into 2133, you’re going to see a DARK MENACE FORCES that is refocused, revived and ready to take over the GALAXY’S FINEST™!

The CROWD boos loudly as DARK MENACE waves them off and heads to SINFUL’S corner.

SCORN is out with EURITAR and the fans are on their feet as the ref calls for the bell for the first match of BIG BANG!

Sinful d. Scorn via DQ when Scorn loses her temper and smashes Sinful with a steel chair – DUD – Fed up with SINFUL and DARK MENACE’S rule-breaking ways from the moment the bell rang, SCORN lashes out with a steel chair to the side of SINFUL’S face!  The ref calls for a DQ but the fans are on their feet cheering for SCORN!


Disciple of Terror d. Overtime via KO – **** – DISCIPLE OF TERROR puts a nail in the coffin of the GWFZ/FTR feud with a decisive victory that puts OVERTIME down for the count!  After the bell, LORD NEXUS appears along with PERFECT SPECIMEN and FALLER and they pick up OVERTIME’S limp body and take him to the back.

MEAN STREETS d. TITAN SAMURAI when patch clobbers Giant Azuma with PATCH WORK – * – PATCH and SKIVER work better together than we’ve ever seen them and they look to prove a point as they clobber KENJI and put the boots to GIANT AZUMA after the bell!  Refs are finally able to pull them off the big man but he is injured.

The mysterious hooded figure arrives and, with a gesture, summons the column of flames that bring BURNING MAN to the ring.  Fans have begun to cheer the rookie now that he seems to be wrestling smarter under the tutelage of the mysterious hooded figure.

He will have his work cut out for him as THE LEVELER leads his opponent TURMOIL to the ring!

Burning Man d. Turmoil via DQ when Turmoil hits his opponent with Table Breaker – *1/2 – Good back and forth, but TURMOIL just can’t seem to play by the rules and despite the ref’s warnings, he drives BURNING MAN through a table at ringside!  After the bell the two brawl wildly as the mysterious hooded figure and THE LEVELER look on.

THE IMMORTALS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via DQ when Oracle storms the ring to break up a pinfall – *** – SUR and BEX dominate here and were a second away from willing when ORACLE storms the ring and smashes SUR with his glass orb!  The four men continued to battle after the bell as the crowd egged them on!


Aethran Overmaster d. Paganax via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – SQUASH – AETHRAN OVERMASTER completely runs over PAGANAX, who seemed to have winded himself rushing to the ring so quickly.  OVERMASTER loops the chain around PAGANAX’S chest and lifts his lifeless opponent up to a sitting position as he stands above him victorious, defiant to the booing of the crowd.

Monolith d. Ghena via pinfall after CATASTROPHE – * – MONOLITH wastes no time in completely destroying GHENA, putting a quick end to their feud that began at BETRAYAL.


Elina d. Taichi via pinfall with RESURRECTION – **** – A fantastic match by two of the top competitors in the WOMEN’S division!  TAICHI came close to claiming victory, but ELINA fights hard and ends 2132 as the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION!


Panther Warrior d. Sly Drury via pinfall after SPEED OF THE PANTHER – *** – PANTHER WARRIOR brings a swift end to SLY DRURY’S impressive 24 card reign and is the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION! SLY DRURY is furious and immediately fires the ref for what he calls a slow count (it wasn’t).  REGIME CHANGE has lost one of its three championships!  Is this an omen of what’s to come?


PREDATORS d. SECURITY SQUAD via DQ when Fhanna charges into the ring to break up a pinfall – **** – A wild and brutal match between these four rule-benders but it was interference by FHANNA, desperate to keep the titles on SECURITY SQUAD that caused the disqualification.  SECURITY SQUAD are still the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

The crowd is on their feet as the mysterious hooded figure appears leading NOSFERA to the ring!  The demon is actually getting some cheers from the crowd who is eager to see SHAYNE toppled!

The lone dobro plays and SHAYNE steps into the arena with FHANNA trailing behind.  SHAYNE is focused as he stares directly at NOSFERA as he climbs into the ring.


Shayne d. Nosfera via DQ  when Nosfera slams Shayne into the metal barricade against the ref’s warnings – **1/2 – In the final moments, the action spilled outside of the ring and the mysterious hooded figure gave NOSFERA some sort of signal.  NOSFERA immediately obeyed and picked SHAYNE up by the legs and spun him around and slammed him into the guardrails!  The ref called the match, but NOSFERA ignored the bell and continued to attack SHAYNE!

FHANNA was screaming as the demon dragged the bloody GALAXIAN CHAMPION into the ring.  The mysterious hooded figure climbs into the ring as well.  NOSFERA drags SHAYNE to his feet and immediately hits him with THE DEMON’S BREATH!  The mysterious hooded figure signals for a mic and begins speaking with an obviously digitally processed voice.

mysterious hooded figure:  this poor creature is the forsaken.  for years he has battled in the galaxy’s finest™ and for years he has been ignored.  passed from team to team with no one to truly guide him.  his power.  he is a former champion yet he is an afterthought every year.

Suddenly there is a great column of fire and BURNING MAN stands in the ring next to NOSFERA.  He picks up SHAYNE and hits him with EXHAUSTION.

mysterious hooded figure:  this man is forsaken.  no one gives him due.  until he begins winning.  people take notice, but even then, his appearance prevents them from getting too close.  he is forsaken.  but burning man and nosfera are forsaken no more.  both have proved this year that they should not be forgotten, taken lightly, forsaken.  we are not some new group.  some new faction bent on ‘taking over the galaxy’s finest™.’  after tonight the three of us go our separate ways.  but you now know what the three of us are capable of.  and the three of us should never again be…

The mysterious hooded figure reaches up and pulls back the hood.

mysterious hooded figure: forsaken.

Fans only have seconds to realize that the mysterious hooded figure is WIGGY before we…


2132.324 – BETRAYAL

Live from Flamewinds Observatory, Oseon!

Two cards!  That’s all that remains in 2132!  And tonight, we will find out who will challenge for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at the big, end of the year SuperCard BIG BANG!  Currently, the title is held by SHAYNE, but that could all change as SHAYNE has accepted the challenge of PERFECT SPECIMEN and they will fight later tonight!

The CROWD is on their feet as CATFIGHT and MAGGIE lead MONOLITH to the ring!  There have been rumors flying around recently that there might just be a romantic link between MONOLITH and CATFIGHT!  There’s no traces of that here tonight though as they are all business!

LORD NEXUS leads WITNESS to the ring and he is acting even more wound up than usual!  Is he crazy?  Is he drunk?  No one knows, but LORD NEXUS shepherds him to the ring for the big opening match!  The bell sounds and we are underway here at the Flamewinds!

Monolith d. Witness via pinfall with CATASTROPHE – **1/2 – Completely one sided.  MONOLITH didn’t even break a sweat.  There was a little offense by WITNESS but for the most part it was all MONOLITH.  LORD NEXUS tries to corral WITNESS back to the back, but he’s ranting and raving, pointing at people in the audience.

WITNESS:  I accuse you!  I accuse you!

Weird.  MONOLITH and CATFIGHT return to the back to wait for their next match.

The mysterious hooded figure is here leading NOSFERA to the ring.  Eerie how calm and obedient NOSFERA is in regards to this mysterious hooded stranger.

DARK MENACE leads BISHOP HELL (II) to the ring.  Gone is the campaigning, the smiles, the frivolity, replace by dour sadness at his election loss.  BISHOP HELL (II) strikes a consoling tone as they walk towards the ring, but DARK MENACE ignores him.

Nosfera d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall after a perfect cross body block from the top rope – *** – Great back and forth here, but NOSFERA downs BISHOP HELL (II) and advances to the next round.  While wild during the match, as soon as the bell rings, the mysterious hooded figure makes a few gestures with her hands and NOSFERA is silent once again.  Obiedient.  Follows the figure away from ringside.

DARK MENACE turns and begins walking to the back the moment the bell rings.  It’s as if he is in a daze.  He leaves BISHOP HELL (II) to collect himself and leave the ring alone.

GHENA is out, alone.  He snarls at the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.  Once he’s in it, the lights go out and ORACLE’S shining blue orb begins moving towards the ring.  As the lights come back we see EYDILON climb into the ring for the next match in the tournament!

Ghena d. Eydilon via pinfall after GATES OF HELL – *** – HUGE win for GHENA here!  He simply outwrestled EYDILON!  Fans have taken notice now.  GHENA was thought of just as a wild brawler, but this victory put him on the map for a lot of people tonight.

The blaring horns of the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM BEGIN TO PLAY as THE LEVELER leads AETHRAN OVERMASTER to the ring.  The fans are on their feet because they know who OVERMASTER’S OPPONENT is!

A huge cheer erupts as PAGANAX sprints to the ring.  He’s holding aloft his flaming sword and is flailing it around as he does his custom two laps around the ring.  The fans cannot wait for this encounter.

Aethran Overmaster d. Paganax via pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – ** – AETHRAN OVERMASTER shuts down PAGANAX’S quest for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP in dominant fashion.  The fans boo the leader of the GLADIATORS but he could care less as he returns to the back.

CATFIGHT and MAGGIE lead MONOLITH out as we head into the SEMI-FINAL round.  Only four men left and, just like CIVIL WAR, SLY DRURY has fiddled with the bracket a bit to mix things up!  GHENA returns to the ring looking ready to face the big man.  This is the first time these two have met in the ring!

Monolith d. Ghena via pinfall with a lung demolisher – ***** – WOW!  GHENA takes MONOLITH to the limit!  The big man is finally able to put GHENA away, but what a match.  This was certainly not a cakewalk and MONOLITH looks a little worse for wear headed into the finals!  Definitely the match of GHENA’S career.  He even gets a few cheers as he limps away from ringside.

The mysterious hooded figure leads NOSFERA to the ring for our next match.  He stands patiently in the ring as the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM blares again and AETHRAN OVERMASTER heads to the ring with THE LEVELER.  Two former champions going head to head!  This is a MAIN EVENT anywhere and it isn’t even the MAIN EVENT!

Nosfera d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall using Panic In The Streets – *** – Everyone got involved in this one including THE LEVELER and the mysterious hooded figure!  NOSFERA, under the direction of his manager, wrestlers smarter and gets the victory placing him into the finals agains MONOLITH.  AETHRAN OVERMASTER did a number on the demon, though, so it’ll be interesting to see how he fares agains the ANI-MAN in the finals!

PERFECT SPECIMEN is out with LORD NEXUS and the CROWD is rabid!  These fans have waited to see PERFECT SPECIMEN get his title shot for months now and this is it!  He stands ready in the ring, waiting for SHAYNE!

The sound of a lone dobro plays and SHAYNE is out on horseback, with FHANNA training behind.  He is all cocky smiles and swagger as he steps into the ring and hands the title to the ref.  The fans cannot wait!

Shayne d. Perfect Specimen via submission when Perfect Specimen is no longer able to continue – ***** – MATCH OF THE YEAR!  This one was excitement from top to bottom!  So many near falls for either side!  Towards the end of the match, SHAYNE hit FRONTIER JUSTICE and PERFECT SPECIMEN was unable to respond to the ref’s questions, giving SHAYNE the victory.  Both men bloodied and bruised by the final bell.  There is no one, no one, who has given SHAYNE as hard a time as he had tonight.  The fans want a rematch for sure, but SHAYNE will head to BIG BANG as champion and will face one of the two men in our MAIN EVENT.

MONOLITH and NOSFERA both looked haggard as they head to the ring.  Their managers are in opposite corners as they stand face to face in the ring.  One of these men, has a date with destiny!  The ref calls for the bell!

Nosfera d. Monolith via pinfall after THE DEMON’S BREATH – ** – NOSFERA is back on top and is headed to BIG BANG to take on SHAYNE for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!  The mysterious hooded figure enters the ring and NOSFERA is instantly calm.  The figure raises their hands and NOSFERA drops to one knee!  The question on everyone’s minds is just who is this mastermind that has led the demon back to BIG BANG?!  That mystery will have to wait as we…


2132.323 – CIVIL WAR

Live from Ameb Arcade, Lepus!

The fans are on their feet as we begin the first of the three big SuperCards to end the year!  CIVIL WAR, a single elimination tournament fought under TITAN DEATH RULES will determine the number one contenders to the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!  Tonight, we find out who faces SECURITY SQUAD for the titles at BIG BANG!

The throbbing music of ULTIMATE FIGHTERS begins playing and CLINCH and SHOOT head to the ring with SHE DEVIL and all three are doing their crazy arm movements with the CROWD following suit.

MEAN STREETS are out next and neither PATCH or SKYVER look like they are in a mood for any frivolity.  FHANNA lead them to the ring.  MEAN STREETS has a lot to prove here tonight.  PATCH will start with SHOOT.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall after Shoot downs Skiver with a Bicep Slicer – ***1/2 – CLINCH and SHOOT easily dispatch with MEAN STREETS and advance in the tournament.  PATCH leaves ringside immediately after the bell.  He didn’t look happy at all.

DEMON HUNTERS hit the ring next with EURITAR and every female in the arena is on their feet!  Cries of “Heartthrob!  Heartthrob!” fill the arena as it seems every lady of every species in the place is infatuated with CROSSFIRE.  No wonder he has the most InFinstagram followers in the Galaxy!  He soaks in the love with a smile as he poses with his bow pretending to shoot arrows of love at the ladies at ringside like some sort of modern day CUPID!  HELSIN and EURITAR look on bemused.

TITAN SAMURAI head ringside with LORD NEXUS.  The fans are looking forward to this match and all four men shake hands before the bell.  CROSSFIRE will start with KENJI as the bell rings.

DEMON HUNTERS d. TITAN SAMURAI via submission when Crossfire locks Giant Azuma in the BOW AND ARROW – * – DEMON HUNTERS pulls what some would say is an upset win here in a quick match!  CROSSFIRE and HELSIN wrestle smart and they get the win to advance to the next round!  After the match, all four men shake hands and the CROWD eats it up.

Fans that weren’t in a frenzy before quickly get there as the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins to play and PROBATION and FIST head to the ring with THE LEVELER!  The Aethrans stalk into the ring and await their opponents!

VOICE ON PA:  OoOooOOooowowowoooOoowowoooooooooooo!

The CROWD explodes with cheers as WOLF, LOPE, CATFIGHT and MAGGIE head to the ring!  These two teams are in the middle of a huge feud right now and the whole Galaxy is has been waiting for this match!  LOPE will begin with FIST and the bell rings!

PREDATORS d. GLADIATORS in a wild match one Wolf hits Probation with END OF THE HUNT – ****1/2 – WILD match!  In the ring, out of the ring, these four men tore it up.  The ANI-MEN stand tall and will advance, leaving the GLADIATORS fuming!

BETTER THAN HUMAN heads to the ring with ORACLE.  THARKAS is on the mic.

THARKAS:  Humans are scum.  They infest the Galaxy spreading their vile disease and filth wherever they see fit. Sur you may not be technically human, but you have taken human form.  You didn’t have the sense that Bex and GHena did when they chose their corporal units.  For that I shall humble you and make you weep in front of all these people!  *hack ptooey!*

The CROWD boos.

THE IMMORTALS head towards the ring with GHENA.  SUR is fired up after hearing THARKAS’ words!  He climbs into the ring and begs for THARKAS to start but it will be PSI instead.  The ref calls for the bell.

THE IMMORTALS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via pinfall when Sur hits a perfect cross body block from the top rope on Tharkas – ** – SUR gets some measure of revenge but it was obvious he wanted more.  THE IMMORTALS advance to the next round and are now just one match away from the finals!

The fans are on their feet as the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS return to the ring with SHE DEVIL!  DEMON HUNTERS and EURITAR are out next and as they head to the ring, one of the cameras catches SHE DEVIL definitely admiring CROSSFIRE.  He returns her look with a wink!  The fans love it!  All four men shake hands before the match as this battle of two favorite teams begins!

DEMON HUNTERS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via submission when Crossfire clinches Clinch in BOW AND ARROW – ** – DEMON HUNTERS pull off a huge win here!  The fans approve of this victory whole heartedly and CROSSFIRE celebrates by hopping over the railing where he’s instantly mobbed by female fans!  When he finally able to hop back over he’s covered in lipstick and tentacle marks!  He’d better save some of his energy for the finals!

WOLF, LOPE, CATFIGHT and MAGGIE head back to the ring for their next match!  The fans squarely in their corner.  THE IMMORTALS come ringside with GHENA.  This is the historic first meeting between these two teams and the fans can’t wait!

PREDATORS d. THE IMMORTALS via pinfall when Wolf hits Sur with END OF THE HUNT – ** – PREDATORS head to the finals but this was some match!  During the middle of it, a huge fight broke out between WOLF and SUR!  These two tore into each other with such ferocity that fans are now hoping for a one-on-one encounter between the two!

THE IMMORTALS begrudgingly leave ringside as DEMON HUNTERS and EURITAR return for our MAIN EVENT!  The fans are on their feet as CROSSFIRE will star with LOPE!

PREDATORS d. DEMON HUNTERS via pinfall when Wolf smashes HelSin with END OF THE HUNT – **** – Heck of a match!  DEMON HUNTERS fought hard, but PREDATORS were able to use their animal instinct to keep the fresher man in the ring!  PREDATORS will now head to BIG BANG to face SECURITY SQUAD for the titles!

WOLF and LOPE stand victorious as we…